REO PĒPI | Baby language

kirsten & kitty


We have designed them with Pēpi in mind. Everyday sentences used in repetition, encourage whānau to learn together, while increasing the learner vocabulary by introducing new kupu on each page. Our books are bilingual in te reo Māori and English with original, hand drawn artworks inspired by real life experiences of tamariki. A glossary and a phonetic guide support the use of correct pronunciation.


As learners ourselves and mamas we feel a strong impulse to enable ourselves and our pēpi in te reo. We’re keen to produce really simple, user friendly bi-lingual board books in te reo Māori for Māori and Pākehā whānau alike.

Our passion for Reo Pēpi has grown from our own whānau. We are cousins through our taua (Ivy and Mere Karaitiana) and have grown up close in a tino ātaahua extended whānau. After education, traveling, living overseas, careers and now having children, we both returned to our rohe and find ourselves living in the same little village, Portobello on the Otago Peninsula. We both have mana tāne and they are both called Dan! Between us we have four tamariki, Joe, Jake, Tama and Mihiata who inspire us and keep us very busy.

Kitty Brown & Kirsten Parkinson

Telephone: 022 196 7490