Māori Economic Industry Report

Westpac's latest Māori Industry report (6 September) heralds a period of massive opportunity for economic growth for Maori.

KUMA members will be interested to read this latest analysis of the Māori economic landscape and its impact for Māori and also for the whole of New Zealand.  The report points to critical indicators of economic wellbeing including population data and what this means for the working age population; treaty settlements and the growing Māori asset base; and, how this economic growth will benefit Maori in a holistic sense. 

Importantly, the report also points out how this changing environment incorporates and is reliant on the alignment of Māori values with collective success.

There is also a discussion about core opportunities, and KUMA members will immediately recognise that these general opportunities are well exemplified by real situation events already taking place throughout Otago and Southland.  This includes the many and varied opportunities for secondary school and university students and rangatahi to engage with wananga, hui, innovation and business development programmes run by local runaka, the DCC, University, and Polytechnic. 

KUMA members are already a part of this growth phase through the close liaison KUMA fosters with TPK, and other funders, and the workshops that have been run through KUMA to increase their business acumen.  The forthcoming workshop being run by Corey Bragg - "Te Whata" - is an excellent example of the integration of matauranga Māori with mainstream business strategies, with the intention of creating a whole new business paradigm.

Your feedback and comments on this report, or on ideas generated by the report can be posted here or on our facebook page.

Kia tipua tahi ai ~ let us grow together.

Posted on September 6, 2016 .