Meet Claire!

Tēnā koe...

Claire is an exceptionally motivated and experienced Executive and Business Coach with a passion for inspiring others to achieving their full potential.

If you are ready to get your life or business organised, become more focused, and accelerate your progress through challenges then Claire is the person to speak to.

Claire has been a results focused mentor for the Māori Business Facilitation Service, and is committed to the promotion and advancement of Whānau Ora business innovation, and Māori business aspirations.  She has worked with business leaders, innovators, managers and dreamweavers providing solid and strategic coaching to achieve tangible results.  Claire is highly trained and intuitive regarding the importance of Emotional Intelligence, and she will provide the clarity, tools and encouragement to her clients so they build their resilience when under pressure, and maintain wellbeing and life balance.  Claire has served on the KUMA Board since early 2015, and as Chair of the Board since 2017.  

Contact Claire to discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and how we can get you there.


These cards are designed to inspire and soothe the busy mind.  The cards are a simple mindfulness tool, that encourage awareness and self-reflection. Ideal for coaches and counsellors, they are also used by many people in many situations - check out our Facebook page to be inspired.

Uniquely and creatively designed, the images draw on Māori mythology.  Each word in the boxed set is in Te Reo Māori and in English, which serves to deepen the connection between the two languages and enhance the meaning of the card for you, as it draws on two world views, and two cultures.

With 65 cards in each box, they are small enough to pop into a handbag, or sit on a desk, to be used whenever needed.  Ira Atua, Ira Tangata: our inner wisdom is our most powerful guide.  

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